Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is a good friend. Let's call her Lucy. Lucy is your regular girl. She goes to school, hangs out with friends and likes to dance. She also has a problem. This problem is a guy. Let's call him Jimmy. The problem with Jimmy is that he's obsessed with her. One day Jimmy gave Lucy a letter. On the outside of the letter, it told her to open on a date in the next year. She didn't wait.
Don't buy it? Read the very real and very, very interesting letter.

Day 301/2

Dear Lucy,
If you have opened this, either one of us moved away. Please read this letter, and please know that the words in this letter is truth.
Look at the date. We met each other precisely this day in math class, 2 years ago. The /2 stands for the 301/2 days of the year, and how we shared this time as friends. You are probably going to another school now, so congratulations are in order. CONGRATULATIONS! :)
Do you think that I got over you? Well, I haven't, I love you Lucy. And the only reason I pretended to get over you was because I knew I would lag you in your studies, social life, etc. Now, though, you are in Grade 11. A mature enough age for me to release my love to you.
It started that math class. Karen Mcgee, she introduced us. What got me, the attraction, was not your physical appearance (well, that <3), but your voice. It was soft and sultry, like a gentle, and humble snowflake, and my ears were the desolate patches of grass that longed for the snow. And as I lay entranced in my vision of an angel, for the first time I couldn't say anything clever. When I looked in your eyes, I saw innocence, power, love, wisdom, courage, and comfort. From that day on, it was my mission to preserve that soul which i had seen, from danger. This resulted in embarrassment to you, I know, but at least I knew you were safe.
What made me want you more, was when I saw you with Marcus. The way he caressed you, and you with him, made me spark with anger. I knew he would hurt you... but I could not do anything. If you were happy, then I had to be as well. I am sorry for this... obsession, but it's my duty.
When I saw you and him not together, it felt like heaven and hell. Heaven, for I knew I had a chance with you. Hell, for I knew you were hurt.
Thus, I decided to tell you a fraction of my feelings to you. I gave you something that wouldn't break or rot. A ring, and on that ring, the word "angel", since you are, and forever will be my angel.
You mean the world to me. You, Drew and Evan are my three best friends. I love you more than a friend though. Although we part, and of course, you will forget me, I won't forget you. Or perhaps you won't. We may just become a memory in each others minds. I promise you though, i will keep you in my heart. Every time I look at the night sky, I imagine you are sitting there, right next to me, looking at constellations, like we did that night. We share the same sky, and thus, we are never truly apart. My dear, sweet, beloved, darling, I must put the pen down before I begin to cry, for nothing is worse than a stained letter. One thing, though, before I go. Remember how I felt like I had no heart? Well I found it... in you.
Goodbye dear Lucy. I hope the man you find will love you more than I do, or at least as much as me. Thank you for being there as a friend and as a confidant. My love, I want to kiss you, but I can't. I want to hold you, but I can't. So I'll try to move along and keep you as a memory, but we all know how that will work out :)
Goodbye my sweet, darling, Lucy. The girl you are today will make the woman you are tomorrow even better, so don't change a thing. From dusk till dawn, from birth till death, I will think of you in my future lifetimes. I love you and I miss you. Bye Lucy, the woman with power over my heart.
From, Jimmy

Impressive. Solid proof that there are still hopeful romantics out there that make us want to puke. Although this one is more like a lost boy.


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