Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Having reached the halfway point of summer, we reflect on what we have already done.
A three week trip to Barcelona, Spain was has been the highlight of my summer so far.
Trips to cathedrals, beaches, distant towns, and armwrestling grandmas were all part of my Spanish (or I should say Catalunian) experience.
This was not just some random trip however, but actually an exchange. I stayed at a girl's home with her and her wonderful family, and then she came back home with me for three weeks as well. It was all thanks to the ingenious ROSE program, by the Rotary Club that I was able to do this all.
G R A C I A S !
Meet our incredibly interesting and captivatingly colourful
chica bonita!

Ever since we got back, we have been showing her all around our beautiful glass city.
We've even gone beyond our the boundaries of our city, and even the country. She can definately say she had well-rounded trip.
Let's get to know her better, shall we?
aSE: So, have you been having a good time here?
CB: Yes, but what can I say?
aSE: What was your favourite trip/adventure?
CB: Well I haven't been to the amsuement park yet... so for the moment... I think we had a good time in Whistler and Squamish. I liked it when we were at home, taking pictures, talking and joking.
aSE: How would you describe your personal style?
CB: Well my friend described my style as hippie chic. But I kind of hate the word chic. I like loose shirts, tights pants, scarves. And lots of necklaces. And my Nikes.
aSE: Would you say that your style was similar to a typical Barcelonian teen?
CB: In a way. It kind of follows the trend. It's how people dress there.
aSE: What type of music do you like listening to?
CB: The Black Eyed Peas, normal pop, and Spanish Guitar.
aSE: What is your favourite store?
CB: It's not here, but i like Stradivarius.
aSE: Shoes or Bags?
CB: Shoes.
aSE: What is your favourite colour?
CB: Bright Green, like my room. But i like grey for clothing.
aSE: What concerns you?
CB: I'll probably answer this question better after Bolivia, but for now... How people our age don't follow the way they really are, and just look at magazines and the regular trends instead of being themselves.
aSE: What do you love?
CB: Umm. Necklaces.
aSE: What do you hate?
CB: I hate fake people.
Thank you Chica Bonita. Enlightening.
- astrangerelegance

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