Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Monster Ball: We are all her Little Monsters.

Lady Gaga. When she first came out, she puzzled us with her eccentric-ness and risky style choices, but we have come to recognize her as a true artist.
We bought tickets for her show as soon as we heard she was coming to town, which was months ago, and therefore it only hit us that we were witnessing awesome, when we were actually there.
Her up-lifting speeches about loving yourself and being brave (which was her theme of the week, and, according to her, should be all of ours), made you only appreciate her even more. There is a real person under the LADY GAGA persona.

We whole-heartedly recommend the Monster Ball tour to anyone who loves art, sexual orientation or a good time.
Never before has being gay sounded so good.

"I hope you don't leave here loving me more. I hope you leave her loving yourself more."
- Lady GaGa (in a surprisingly gritty voice)

- A Stranger Elegance

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