Friday, August 13, 2010


Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date - The Zeppelin Zoo

The man we know as Joseph Gordon-Levitt has shown us again how brilliant he is. His new short film, of which the title is stated above, is pure genial AND you can find it on the link below
Other than that here is the script for you to follow along and marvel at the marvelous vocabulary.
Twas a shiny bright earth-spin, and the up-over was a sheeny cobaltic blue-fest. High up-top the big smoke, the Zeppelin Zoo whisked through the geo-gas. It was a balloonic ark, a sky safari, and extra-factedly, on this specicated earth-spin, it was the date-place for our man Morgan M. Morgansen and his love-buddy Destiny.
The passion-pair love-strolled through the animalium partangle. Their see-globes met flit-tweets bar-locked, fin-beasts tanked, and primates prisonized. Destiny supurlated the snufflelox, lollified the long necks, and rapturized the black masked rare-bears as they bamboozled. Bag-hidden in Destiny's paw-pouch Madame Balloffur, Destiny's pamperfied purr-pet, see-peeped over bag, then resnuggled bag-wards, dissempressed.
The love-buddies proximated themselves to rare-bears treat buggy, and there costumated as a monochromic rare-bear, stood the food penguin, lemon-faced as ever. The dual par-took in a pair of pink fluff-pops. Destiny masticated her sugar stick sex-a-fragassly, leaving Morgan habber-dashed. So hornified was he, that he was blinker-fied to the slinkish arrivement of Lionel, Destiny's pre-now love-buddy and a cognified, smarmarific lothoriator. Morgan spit- swallowed at the sight of this regalite, this masculate heart-stealer. Oh, he was a braze-full and bashless callafraganass one.
Morgan was shock-shook out of his glaze by a "EEh!" from a flabbergastic Destiny. Madame Balloffur had disapparated, flee-ed the refugous innards of Destiny's paw-pouch and gone cat- about. "Oh, tragedous wrong-hap! What uber-humalium, what alpha-knight will re-viscinitate my flituous fluff-friend?"
The be-stached suitors locked squintish see-globes, dual bound. The competing callafrags seeked up and downish for the cute-ish cat-critter. Lionel dashed and dove, while Morgan creeped and purr-called, but the perjuous purr-pet was no place to be see-globed.
Luck-lacking, Morgan slomped, down-beat, onto a long three-person holder, aside the food-penguin, who so hap to be on his work-gap. The gent was chomping a speary eat-stick, a mouse cob-Kabob, of impaled field-furries, their pink eyes scare-stuck, their ringlet tail strings rigormortized.
Morgan hammocked his top-bulb in his person-paws, and let a long stream of air out of his face-hole. "I see your perjuous purr-pet has embuddied the purr-beast", benefacted the food-penguin, a tail string twingling betwixt his citrus lips.
Sure as Earth spins, there in the big-maned purr-beast's bar box was Madame Balloffur. Cute-ish, snuggled under the purr-beast's enormo-paw and jubified to the max. As Morgan fastly viscinitated himself to the bar-box for his fluff-freeing feat, Lionel apparated, duel-ready. Bashless, the mal-suitor up-rolled his arm-coverers, and brawl-begged. "Doom paralyzed by poorly purr-pet!"
A dinger dinged and the leisure spot hence came a duel-ish pain pit. The flab-gabbits fap-slapped, dug-dove, and flee-jigged, slam-bammed, limb-cranked, and flank- yanked, pride-locked in their dueling dance. Out-muscled, Morgan was fastly grounded. The opportunous Lionel back-stepped, primed for a grand slam. Same time, the geisha-ly pro-Morgan food panda, fast-flung his yuech stick into Lionel's pain-path. Mid-murderous lurch, Lionel silly-slipped on the foodie-trap sending the mouse morsels sky-gliding into the purr-beasts bar-box. Lionel yeeked, girlish as he up-footed, and then down-slammed. Goggle birds tweeted circle-ish around Lionel's head-front.
Morgan up-righted himself, pummelfied. He fast-glanced spied that the big-maned jungle giant was now divertedly nomming the catapultous yeuch-treat. The purr-pet was guardless. Morgan chest-puffed and paral-paired himself. Destiny lash-flapped, butterflated, as her true alpha-knight shimmied the bar-box. Our day-saver slinked into the danger-den and pad soft, toe-stepped pet-wards. He paw-scooped Madame Balloffur into his top limbs and fastly exit-aimed.
Still ground-bound, that dastardly dipstick, Lionel, cat-called, diverting the jungle beast from his eat-baiting, vectorizing his feline see-globes to our man Morgan. Morgan fast-footed safe-wards, super normal speed-ish, the a-growled purr-monster yappish of his leg-ends. Destiny masked her see-globes with her person paw, too tum-tangled to spectize.
In an all feat of wildness, Morgan spring-pulted, sommer-saultish and down-dropped to the safe and sound with Madame Balloffur tight-locked under limb. Destiny quickish snoogled her freed fluff-friend then angled bambi-eyed Morgan-wards. Her head-front was awash with apprecious butterflation and full heart love-lust.
Lionel imminuated and un-gruntle, his alpha state debunked, slinked into the no-place, self saying some jibber-jack about an after-now vengeant.
Madame Balloffur frisbee-ed and info square to the blub-trolliing jungle giant. The enormal kitten lip-lifted, jubilated to have aquainted this new purr-pal.
Destiny snuggle-broke sudden-ish and touched her bottome lip with her top chompers. "Morgan M. Morgansen you are my sole love-buddy, my butterflative mam-pam, my testoseronic alpha-knight." Morgan pinkerfied at this linguistic love-pouring, then full-face lip-locked his love-buddy.
Morgan shot a solo see-globe at the panda-dressed pro-pair person. The food-bringer lip-lifted, decapitated his rare-bear head cover and disapparated, leaving the love-joined duo to consumise their re-coupling and as the great balloonic ark wished up over the skies of suburban Scalaseg, little did they comprehend this enormo-blimp not only contained a plethora of rare-pets, but also a duet of the most felicitous persons in the full-globe infini-space; Morgan M. Morgansen and his Destiny.

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