Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspiration: Sofia Coppola

Without a doubt, Sofia Coppola is one the most classiest, imaginative and inspiring women out in society today. She's a filmmaker, writer, producer, model, and an actress and she's not even 40 yet! Her style is beautiful, and the tones and lighting that's associated with her are the complete definition of artistic and elegant.

(Maryna Linchuk, photographed by Sofia Coppola during her Miss Dior Cherie commercial)

As a filmmaker, well she's got to be my personal favorite. The Goddess of Indie Films, Sofia always seems to create these stunning atmospheric and impressionistic films in a quiet yet impeccable style. She's also the first american women to be nominated for an Academy Award for her film (which she WROTE and DIRECTED) Lost in Translation in the categories of Best Director, Best Movie, and Best Original Screenplay (she won). Her other works include: The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, and Somewhere. She's an absolute genius. There are no words to describe my love for her.

(Sofia, directing Bill Murry in Lost in Translation)

She's also done some modeling for Marc Jacobs, and has co-founded her own clothing line "MilkFed". Her most notable work in fashion, is that she is THE director of Miss Dior Cherie fragrance commercials. Paris, roses, black dresses, tea pots, strawberries: this is what I live for. All elements of the perfect tasteful commercial that is Miss Dior Cherie.

(Natalie Portman models for the latest Miss Dior Commercial)

And lastly, as a person, Sofia Coppola is just simply wonderful. She sets an example that women in Hollywood belong there just as much as men. And sometimes do it better. She defends fashion as an art form against those who call it silly and superficial. She is a true artist of our generation.

- Astrangerelegance

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