Monday, April 11, 2011

An Insomniac's Playlist

Sometimes, in the dead night, reality will just make you a hostage while you beg for the sleep that never seems to come. And as you lay awake at 3:24 am with your bed sheets tangled and eyes blank and open, all those unwanted thoughts, the buried feelings start to invade your mind making you even more restless. Insomnia, wakefulness, inability to sleep, whichever name you prefer, it's still a nuisance to deal with. It's also something that's been plaguing me for the past couple weeks. But what helps is listening to music. Calming music. It's no magic sleeping potion, but it does helps for what it's worth.

So if you're going through what I'm going through, or if you just have one of those restless nights, here is my personal playlist that "induces sleep". It's pretty diverse ranging from instrumental to french ballads to soft alternative rock, but all create the same tranquil tenor.

An Insomniac's Playlist

1. Get Up [Barcelona]
2. First Floor People [Barcelona]
3. Volcano [Damien Rice]
4. Human [Civil Twilight]
5. Warning Sign [Coldplay]
6. The Scientist [Coldplay]
7. Dead Hearts [Stars]
8. Twenty Years [Augustana]
9. Your Ex Lover is Dead [Stars]
10. Winter Winds [Mumford & Sons]
11. After the Storm [Mumford & Sons]
12. Love Lost [The Temper Trap]
13. Sleep [Meiko]
14. Night Time [The xx]
15. Shelter [The xx]
16. Corbeau [Couer de Pirate]
17. Transatlanticism [Death Cab for Cutie]
18. Passion Play [William Fitzsimmons]
19. Maybe Be Alright [William Fitzsimmons]
20. Everything Has Changed [William Fitzsimmons
21. What do you go home to? [Explosions in the Sky]
22. Stolen [Dashboard Confessional]
23. Empty Room [Marjorie Fair]
24. Off I Go [Greg Laswell]
25. Tornado [Jonsi]
26. In My Veins [Andrew Belle]
27. Poison and Wine [The Civil Wars]
28. World Spins Madly On [The Weepies]

enjoy and goodnight
- astrangerelegance

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