Monday, November 29, 2010


I have honestly loved Skins since the very 1st Generation (picture above) back in 2008. You just don't get television shows like this so raw, edgy and down to earth in North America... I mean come on! All we can produce are vampires, sparkly vampires.

Recently though, I have gotten A Stranger, obsessed with it (took her long enough) and she can finally see what she's been missing out on.

Now for those of you who have no idea what Skins is about, it's pretty much about a close group of british teens going through sixth form (North American equivalent of Gr. 11/12). Nothing special right? CW shows like One Tree Hill, 90210, and Gossip Girl go through that.

So what makes Skins so amazing? Well for starters, for me British accents are sexy and so the fact that they all have British accents. Second of all, in Britain, they don't censor anything! Drugs, swearing, sex, we know most teens do it.. so why don't we see it on CW shows? On Skins you get the whole deal. The show deals with failing grades, partying hard, divorce, overdoses, homosexuals, first loves, experimental drugs in a realistic way since a lot of the writers are actually in sixth form themselves. That's another factor that separates Skins from normal TV shows. For most actors Skins is their first acting job, and most of them are 16- 18.. the right age to be in sixth form unlike CW shows where the actors are in their twenties playing high schoolers.

Skins is broken down into Generations with each Generation (2nd Generation above) getting two seasons. I love and hate that they do this. Love it because it's realistic that each cast gets 2 years through sixth form and hate it cause I always fall in love with the characters and then they leave and we never get to see them again.

Sad thing is America MTV is making an American version of Skins and I know its just going to be horrible.

So overall, Skins is mind blowing amazingness, america sucks, don't watch this show if your 12, watch this show if your over 12, and I'm getting sick of vampires.


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