Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What we think is sad is that the russian do not have a word for kick or elegance on google on translator. Please diplomats of Russia or people that work at Google (Googleoneons) please fix that for we would like to say A Stranger Elegance Kicks Ass in russian. But so far we can only say...
Okay, fine we cannot paste it. This is lamest post so far.
We are in planning class right, and have just taken the career matchmaker test. Here are our most interesting results:

1. Magician
2. Potter (not as in Harry, sadly)
3. Upholsterer (meaning I dress your couches)
4. Comedian (I am actually not that funny in person)
5. Craftsperson (anyone want a house made out of popsicle sticks)

1. Judge
2. Stenographer (actually boring, but sounds funny)
3. Singer (hahah, if you met her...)
4. Composer
5. Wedding Planner (they would be pretty and not done in time)

Obviously we will be very successful in life.

- Astrangerelegance.

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