Thursday, August 4, 2011

Covet List for Fall/Winter 2011

I'm moving this fall, and a move brings an opportunity of reinvention, and of cleaning out you closet. I had a lot of time this summer to scour some magazines for ideas of the trends of F/W 2011 that I could incorporate in my wardrobe, and I though I could share them with you.

I put the brands of the clothes in the Polyvore set in brackets, although unless you consider yourself incredibly wealthy, take them as a source of inspiration instead of a shopping list.
Also please note that not everything mentioned is included in the set.

- Wellies. Preferably ones that hit just above the ankle, although the shortest Hunters seem to come in is mid-calf. In a green colour, to be paired with:
- Wooly socks in shades of grey. (Roots or American Apparel)
- Colour-blocking Shift Dress. (DKNY, Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein, Giambattista Valli)
- Peter Pan collared blouse, preferably in white. (Top Shop, The Row)
- Light Taupe Nail Polish (Chanel, but you can find it at American Apparel or Essie)
- A light white dress to keep the feeling of summer alive even as you layer sweaters and tights. (TopShop)
- Under the Shoulder Bag (Pieces Dot Doctor's Bag) However, my dream bag would be the Celine Spazzolato Calfskin Long Frame Handbag in black. Heres a Picture.
- A monochromatic wooly sweater. Although knits with pictures on them are coming in too, so you could look into that. (Marc by Marc Jacobs, Etoile Isabel Marant)
- A pleated skirt. I would like one in light cream, something soft and delicate. (Alexander McQueen)
- Rings. Always. (Maison Martin Margiella)
- Transparent Plastic Raincoat. Yes, I live in the rain city, so I would like a good old-fashioned PVC raincoat. Prada has a great one, but I think I'll go for a cheaper alternative. (Burberry Prorsum)
- Penny Loafers. I have got to go to ALDO to pick up my new school shoes. (Marcus)
- Clog flatforms. I have seen them in a couple stores and then in a picture of Kirsten Dunst on the set of the Virgin Suicides. So cute. Although, the one in the set does not exactly imitate them, I like them as well. (See by Chloe)
- Coloured Jeans. I thought this trend ended two years ago, but it is back for Fall. Pick up a pair of red skinnies, like me. (Zara)
- Flatforms. Marie Claire UK called them the shoe of 2011, but I just find them interesting to look at. Got my pair at (ALDO)
- Aviator sunglasses I got as a birthday present. (RayBans)
- Orange lipgloss. (Nars, MAC, literally any makeup counter)
- Calf length skirt. Paired with high heels, definitely.

To find more inspiration on trends go to your magazine stand and flip through some magazines. It's fun. But remember being a slave to fashion trends is not, and with anything, bringing your own twist to things personalizes it so much more.

- Astrangerelegance

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